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Can Baby Learn to Fall Asleep on Their Own?

As how the topic suggest, can baby learn to fall asleep on their own? Do you think it is possible for babies to sleep on their own?

Well, YES. Babies can sleep on their own if you start to train them.


Alhamdulillah, now I feel so happy and reassured that Adellia is finally own her schedule and able to sort herself out as well as soothe herself. Mulanya I macam tak percaya sangat that I able to go through this phase. Every day I would search on google "CAN BABY SLEEP ON THEIR OWN?" "WHEN WOULD IT BE THE RIGHT TIME FOR BABIES TO FALL ASLEEP ON THEIR OWN?"

I read a lot and even join FB Group macam mana nak train anak tidur sendiri. I still can't believe that after almost 1 month, she's getting the momentum! Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah my prayer has been answered!

What I did to let Adellia sleeps on her own? Here it is!

1. Before sleep, usually I would let her play some toys (sometimes I do give her screen time, but not too much cause she gets bored easily!)

If you find your baby too hard to stay focus, you PLAY with them. Or simply just sit in front of them. Entertain them, talk with them, teach them.

Bila baby dah penat, around 1.5 - 2 hours, dah start nampak tanda-tanda nak tidur. Ok, this is a really important signs. You have to know their signals (gosok mata, menguap, cranky a bit, mulut macam mintak puting). It's time to get them to sleep!

2. Put baby to bed.

Dukung, and put baby to bed. Let them know it's their sleep time. JANGAN TERAGAK-AGAK. Masa ni kena YAKIN.

Kalau sebelum ni baby mengempeng sebelum tidur, jangan jadikan itu perkara terakhir baby ingat sebelum dia nak tidur. What should you do? Replace with other thing. For example, usap kepala baby, cium kepala baby, sing them a lullaby, say goodnight to them ataupun bedtime stories sekalipun.

If you want to stop the mengempeng session, never let the session be the last routine! So, the milk feeding session should be earlier.

I know how it feels for the mother who have baby that needs to mengempeng first before they can sleep. Cause Adellia dulu macam tu. And I slowly changed that.


15 - 20 minit sebelum anak nak tidur, main dengan anak (peek a boo, talk with them etc) → bagi susu kepada baby → lepas habis susu, baby dah kenyang 
→ bagi baby puting (if baby hisap puting) → kalau baby tak hisap puting, give something to let them soothe themselves → letak anak yang mamai ke atas katil → usap rambut anak, cium anak

Ini adalah contoh sahaja.

3. Let baby NESTING

After you put baby to bed, babies need to NESTING themselves.

Nesting, a way to relax themselves. Dalam erti kata lain, semua orang akan nesting sebelum tidur. Nak tahu apa?

Perasan tak sebelum tidur kita akan tengok phone, pusing kiri kanan, terkebil-kebil pandang siling, gosok mata atau hidung, berbual ringan. Perasan tak?

Babies are the same! They need to nesting first before they can let themselves fall asleep. For example,

- Hisap jari
- Gigit jari, peluk atau gosok anak patung
- Mumbling
- Goyang badan ke kiri dan kanan
- Garu kepala
- Main rambut

Berapa lama baby perlu nesting?
Depends. Tiada had masa. It took few minutes to 1 hour.

Macam Adellia, masa mula-mula I start, I letak atas katil, dia nesting dengan sangat lama! She mumbling and then goyang kaki sana sini, sekejap pusing sana sekejap pusing sini. A few minutes after she nesting, she still can't sleep. She will cry.

Baby menangis because they can't get themselves to sleep after nesting?
Dalam 20-30 saat baby menangis, angkat dan tenangkan. Dah tenang? Put them back on bed. Let them nesting again. Jangan buat your past routine untuk tidurkan baby (contoh, dodoi).

Macam Adellia, masa first day memang sangat kesian. I ulang step atas ni almost 6-7 kali untuk biar dia tidur sendiri. I didn't even proceed with dodoi (her past sleep way). I kentalkan hati and help her to sleep on her own. I redo all the steps again and again.

Everytime she cried because she can't sleep after nesting, I would angkat and tenangkan. Dah tenang, I akan letak atas katil semula untuk biar dia nesting. Masa ni dia dah menangis beriya, supposedly you have to stop the training. You have to get them to sleep using your past method. Continue the sleep training method for the next session. Tapi I masih nak try.

Sampai la yang last tu (after one hour), she finally able to sleep on her own after nesting (because she was so tired already). Masa ni memang kesian betul!

Perlu ke Ibu ada sekali sewaktu baby nesting?
TAK BOLEH. Ibu sepatutnya ada di bilik lain cause baby can smell their mother!

Tapi lain kes macam Adellia, I baring tepi dia. But I didn't do anything. I just baring and look at her. Sometimes I buat-buat tidur. Sometimes I membelakangkan dia and main phone. So when she nesting, she knows her mother is besides her.

2 minggu pertama I memang ada sebelah dia every sleep sessions. But now, I can leave her alone dah. Cuma kadang kadang ada masa dia akan merengek. If too loud, I will attend to her. If biasa-biasa, I just let it be. That's why, it is so important for you to know your child. Only you know your child!

Berapa lama kena buat sleep train ni?
EVERY sleep sessions. Jangan stop ye. Everytime your baby wants to sleep, you have to introduce this method. Do not ever use the past method.

How long can see the results?
Depends on babies. Ada baby took 2 - 3 weeks to get used to it.

Adellia already can sleep on her own after 3 - 4 days (that's why I was so shocked that she gets along really well). On day third/fourth macam tu, she easily sleep on her own dah. Thank God! Alhamdulillah. Day by day, she nesting really quick. Sometimes after I bagi susu, she already sleep. Less than 5 minutes.

Practice makes perfect!

Can swaddled baby be trained to sleep on their own?
YES. If baby masih berbedung, lagi senang! Make sure bedung dengan kemas and put on bed/baby cot. Let them nesting.

Apa lagi benda yang perlu ada dalam training ni?
White noise machine, puting (if baby hisap puting) dan kain atau patung (if baby suka pegang/peluk something).

Anak akan merengek/bangun tak semasa sleep training ni?
Yes! Please expect they will wake up few times or even sleep short time.

They still want to get used to it. Please expect that they will wake up atau menangis dalam tidur (merengek).

Macam Adellia, awal-awal dia tidur sekejap sekejap. Sometimes merengek sikit dalam tidur. Tapi I biar je. She's good to go.

How long baby can stay asleep using this technique?
Depends. Every baby is different. You have to know your child.

Lepas I train Adellia, I perasan every nap time, dia akan tidur satu jam lebih atau dua jam. Which is considered really long? I macam terkejut jugak. I thought that kadang-kadang je tapi bukan ye. Everyday she will get at least one hour and a half nap in one sleep session. Sometimes, even two sleep sessions!

Do we need to continue the training when baby is sick?
YES. Ok this time I would advise for you to continue the routine. WHY? Because we want them to acknowledge and adapt the routine.


Follow the steps above. They get cranky? Angkat and tenangkan.

Masa Adellia demam itu hari, she really really cranky and even had trouble sleeping. Tapi I still continue the training.

Put baby on bed → they get cranky and unable to nesting due to feeling sick → angkat dan tenangkan baby → "shhh" method → tepuk sikit belakang badan baby → put baby on bed when they are calm

Ini apa yang I buat masa Adellia demam dan batuk.

Boleh ke ada partner sekali masa training session?
NO. If possible, please let baby soothe themselves during the session. And avoid any interruptions that can cause them to lose focus.

I did not involve my husband during this training. I would ask my husband to leave the room (especially night time sleep). Baby will think that it is their play time if they see more than one person in the room. Yup!

Did Adellia wake up during midnight?
Ada someone tanya I soalan ni. My answer is, NO. She did not wake up unless for feeding session. Lepas bagi susu she sleeps back. No nesting or what, just continue to sleep.


Ok untuk soalan ni, you guys can refer to my first post.


Always ensure that you create a routine for them. Adellia memang takde bangun malam dah. She usually sleep through the night sampai esok pagi and wake up at 9-10am in the morning.

This basic sleep training I dah ajar awal-awal dulu since she was 1-month plus. So now she is 8-months old, she is already adapted to it. Alhamdulillah!

What if baby overtired but still can't sleep?
STOP the training. Use your usual method to get them to sleep. Repeat the technique in the next sleep session.

I think that's all. I hope it would benefit mothers out there to train your child to sleep on their own. Goodluck mothers! Remember, don't stop and repeat the steps until your baby get their own schedule. You know your child. Oh I would like to remind, before you start all of this, don't forget to create the routine first. Then you proceed with this technique!

A happy mom will create a happy baby. I decided to sleep train Adellia because I want Adellia to learn to sleep on her own as fast as she can. I also know how disappointed would it feel if you are so tired, but your child demanding you to soothe and comfort her 4 to 5 times daily. I been there! Mom, you have to take care of your mental health. Then, your baby will stay happy and healthy! 😉

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