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Preparation for Labor

Disclaimer: What is written on this page is what I did as a preparation for my labor. Different people have different ways and experiences. Thank you.

Every mother must experience anxiety and nervousness when thinking about the day of labor, right? Well, I certainly did! The anxiety kicks in around 37 weeks, prompting you to prepare both mentally and physically as the anticipation of entering the labor room at any moment looms large!

So, I did a lot of reading and made a lot of Doa' that Allah will make it easy for me. Alhamdulillah, it turned out to be ok although I'm still traumatizing of childbirth haha!

At the end of my pregnancy, I did few things that will help to ease the delivery (according to the readings). Here is the things I did:


Yes, I moved and walked A LOT. Start from 36-weeks I dah start brisk walking everyday for 2-3km. Usually I will ensure I reached 3km, but it depends. Sometimes pregnant moms can get really tired. Hence, dapat 2-3km pun dah consider ok for me. If I macam malas, husband akan remind and teman I buat everyday setiap petang. Kadang tak sempat keluar, I akan buat dekat treadmill. Yup, I went to that level! Haha

If you feel alone and malas, please get your partner's help ok. It really helps! Partner's involvement at the end of pregnancy is really helpful. Sebab masa akhir pregnant la, all the problems started to appear. Like, the backache, can't sleep, always wanted to pee, sudden anxiousness, the overthinking part... and many more!


Exercise can mean a lot. Masa I hujung-hujung pregnancy dulu, I cuma exercise basuh tandas and turun tangga je. Cause I malas nak buat exercise for pregnant mothers tu. Haha.

But is is advisable for you guys to exercise end of pregnancy ok. Use that yoga ball and do every techniques that is good for labor.


If you want to know more about perineal massage, CLICK HERE

During week 34-36, it is recommended to do perineal massage. I did perineal massage 2 times per week as suggested by my Doctor. My doctor said "Please learn perineal massage and do every week. It will help for normal birth"

So I just did according to her advice. Kindly learn the steps carefully and seek advice from your doctor first before you do it.


I read a lot of tips to ease labor. One of them is to consume VCO at the end of pregnancy (or start 6-months above).

Well, actually, I do have trust issue with this one. But I tawakaltualAllah je. InshaAllah dengan izin Allah. So I consume VCO starting 7-months if I'm not mistaken. The pill is quite big haha it scared me! I consumed VCO from D'Aura Minyak Kelapa Dara.


When I was pregnant, I recite quite a few Doa' everyday. Once I found out I was pregnant, I bought this one book contain a lot of Doa' for pregnant mothers. And I really like the contents! Omg the book is really good and easy to understand. I never missed recite all the Doa's during pregnancy. Alhamdulillah.

Here is the link, Surah Dan Doa Pilihan untuk Ibu Mengandung


To answer this question, I think it depends on one's experience and we should talk about qada' and qadr too. Everything is meant to be. But surely you can always work towards a better outcome.

As for me, yes, it worked! I am really thankful that I did quite a lot of walking back then. I gave birth to my baby girl exactly 2-weeks after I did 3km challenge everyday. To my surprise, it didn't take long for her to come out.

I noticed contractions around 6 pm, headed to the hospital around 10 pm, and by 11 pm, I was 2 cm dilated. Rapid progress ensued, reaching 6 cm by 1:30 am, and I was quickly rushed to the labor room. By 4:39 am, I had already welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world.

I felt the contraction not too long. Decided to go to the hospital after 10pm because I still can bear the pain. LOL no kidding, it was intense actually, but I said to my husband, let's wait first, but he already panicked seeing me 😳

But really, different people have different experience. We gotta do something and make a lot of Doa' so Allah will make it easy for us. Remember, mother's Doa' are really powerful. Tiada hijab.

To all pregnant mothers, good luck and may you have a smooth delivery soon. The joy of seeing your little one is really worth the sacrifices, trust me! 😉

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