Friday, March 3, 2023

Day Routine - Australia Version

It has been 2 months entering 3 months since I lived here in Brisbane, Australia. Truthfully, I would say my day routine is same.

When I woke up in the morning, first thing first, I would clean myself. I akan distract Adellia with snacks so that I can clean myself calmly. Usually I akan bagi biskut je untuk makan. After Adellia done with shower, baru I akan buat breakfast for both of us.

I would say breakfast here is almost the same just like we're in Malaysia. Either roti canai, cucur bawang, pancake, nasi goreng, nugget or roti coklat. We will eat together and enjoy our moments.

Then, I akan main sama-sama with Adellia. It depends on her mood. If she was okay, then we will just watch TV together, or playing toys. If she was not in a good mood, she'll ask to go outside. Kadang tu matahari tengah terik atas kepala, dia ajak keluar ye gais. Maknya pening melayan taw!

I can feel her boredom here. I know that we were just stucked in the house for 5-days straight and doing exactly the same routine everyday. Forgive me, Adellia. I know you're bored. Kesian anak saya.

I can't do anything, except just let her play outside in the house area. I promise things will be better soon, okay daughter?

How I wish I can go outside and let my daughter socialize with new friends here. Tapi, tak semudah itu. I can only wish!

She befriended with the geese, chickens, and also fishes! Everyday, before sleep, she will say,

"Good night, chickens!"

"Good night, fish!"

So cute...

Then, I will prepare lunch when she was napping soundly. Sebab masa dia tidur la saya boleh buat kerja dengan laju. Preparing her lunch is not difficult. It takes around 10 minutes only. You know, cooking for baby is really easy. What is not easy is thinking what to cook...

After nap, usually, Adellia will eat her lunch. Sambil teman dia makan, I akan mengadap laptop je. Searching, scrolling internet, news, social media or shopping?

I will spend my time reading at night. Sebab time malam je I boleh baca buku dengan tenang.

Evening time, we will just go outside in the house area and spend time together. Running, walking, cycling, or jumping on trampoline. The cycle repeated...

Adellia will sleep around 10pm above here. Sekarang ni lepas I tidurkan anak, I pun akan join tidur after read few pages, or watching one episode of kdrama. No more staying up late. Awal sampai sini dulu, I selalu jugak stay up late. Now taknak dah buat because I need my quality sleep! And plus, subuh sini masuk waktu awal. Masa mula-mula sampai, Subuh at 3.20am. Now, 4.22am dah Subuh. So, if staying up at night, you'll risk your Subuh too 😌

Limit untuk I stay up at night sampai pukul 12am je. Once 12am, I terus ready for sleep. And bangun pagi esok, the cycle repeated...

Many people asked did we migrate here for good?

My answer, I wouldn't say migrate. But, we stay here for a reason. I was just following my husband. We didn't know what will happen in the future, but our plans now, settling our matters and get things done as soon as possible.

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