Thursday, February 3, 2022

White Noise for Babies

Our topic today would be White Noise. What is white noise? Do you guys know what is white noise, especially for the babies?

Ok so according to HealthLine sources, white noise is a sound that conceals other sounds that might naturally occur in an environment. In a city, for example, white noise can help block out noise from traffic. It is possible to use specific sounds to promote sleep regardless of environmental noises. For example, rainforest sounds or relaxing beach sounds may help.

Jadi, sebenarnya white noise ni dia act as specific sounds that can aid in sleeping. Especially for the babies la, but it can also be used for adults!

Masa baby dalam rahim ibu, they will hear many sounds, like, bunyi pembuluh darah, jantung ibu, proses makanan dalam perut ibu and many other sounds! So, actually, babies are used to those sounds that may aid them to sleep. But, once they are born, they hear environmental noises, sometimes very quiet (because we always assume when babies are sleeping, they need a quiet and calm environment).

A very quiet environment pun sebenarnya akan lead to high chances that babies are easily startled or shocked when they are sleeping. Itu yang tidur mereka pun akan sekejap sekejap. So, what should mothers do?

Macam Adellia, I used white noise machine since I was in confinement period. I read a lot during pantang about babies, ye la, sebab masa pantang kita berehat je kan hehe. So I have many times to read about babies. That was when I discovered about white noise. Dulu I guna youtube je and buka sampai 10jam, habis battery iPadku.

So, Adellia memang dah terbiasa dengan white noise sounds. Tapi Adellia does not have a specific sounds, sebab I akan always tukar sound dia every 1-2 months, depends on how she behaving. Sebab I perasan Adellia jenis senang bosan dengan sound yang sama. So ada satu hari tu I saja tukar sound, and she sleeps easily dengan cepat ye.

So, since then, kalau ada bulan she had trouble in sleeping, I akan tukar-tukar sound dia sampai la jumpa sound yang buat dia senang tidur. For example, white noise, rain sounds, river sounds, and many more.

How long should baby uses white noise to sleep?
Yang ini I pun tak pasti. Tapi they said that white noise can also be used for adults. Meaning like, for as long as babies need white noise, you might as well use it to aid them to sleep. Sampai la you rasa you nak stop the white noise for them. But, if you monitor that they have trouble to sleep, mungkin nak taknak you have to use it until they are ready to sleep without it.

Where can you buy White Noise Machine?
Now, dekat Shopee memang ada jual White Noise Machine. Even myself bought that at Shopee. I suka this machine sebab ada 20 sounds. Banyak sangat and boleh pilih which one suits for your baby. Click below link to purchase your white noise machine!

As usual, what I can say is, all babies are different. Even setiap anak pun lain-lain, begitu juga anak kita dengan anak orang.

Mothers know their child. Apa-apa pun, only you know what your child wants.

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