Thursday, September 15, 2022

What To Bring if Your Child is Warded?

Last month Adellia warded lepas we decided to take Nebulization in Hospital because her breathing was quite fast. Mulanya I did not expect that she'd have to be admitted. Tapi lepas Doctor decided to do second Neb after her first one did not improve her breathing rate (also her SPO was not at a normal level), masa tu I dah ada uneasy feelings.

At first, I macam positive je lah maybe it will improve after her second Neb ni. BUT, NO. Doctor asked for her to be admitted malam tu jugak because her SPO level was not satisfied even after her second Neb. I terkejut juga la. Masa tu 11pm dah lepas nama kena panggil masuk bilik Doctor. So, we were shocked la and decided to go to other hospital sebab nak tunggu insurance and so on.

About this one, I felt really regret la sebab keluar dari Hospital Az-zahrah malam tu when we can just admit her there when the Doctor asked. Tapi sebab Prudential did not cover for that hospital, Aiman asked to admit her to other hospital. So we called few hospitals that night just for an empty room. Semua penuh ye guys! At last, Aiman berjaya call Tung Shin Hospital in KL and they got empty rooms for children. Sigh, finally.

So, passed 12am we travelled to KL. Adellia was sleeping in the car. Nasib baik sampai sana, all the other procedures for admission macam tak lama sangat. We reached there around 1.30am and wajib la buat Covid test dulu. Adellia punya banyak test. The Doctor asked to do Covid, Influenza and RSV test. And all these tests were negative.

Also, Aiman convinced the Doctor that he was sure this is not about Covid because we had no symptoms 😂 Masa ni I gelak je la dengar dia cerita.

And then kena tunggu 2 jam before the results were out. We have to wait in the emergency ward, so masa ni I kena tunggu dalam dengan Adellia. Aiman kena tunggu luar.

While in the emergency, it was a bit struggling there! I nak tidurkan Adellia because I know she was really tired, masa tu dah nak pukul 3am. Adellia was really scared of the environment. Bila dia nampak nurses keluar masuk untuk check her lagi la dia nervous and anxious. So, she cried everytime Neb sessions. And Doctor decided to use Oxygen to help her breath. Ahh sudahh, pakai O2 dekat hidung pun dah mengamuk ye.

We have to wait until the results were out lepastu I have to do RTK test. So I let her sleep in my arms. To let she feel safe. Bila nak letak atas katil hospital je, dia terbangun. Dia macam tahu taw yang dia sekarang bukan dekat rumah haha.

Until it was my turn to do the test, I have to put her on bed. Masa tu nurse masuk and said,

"Takpe puan. Tinggal dulu, saya jagakan"

Nurse pun dukung la dia sambil sooth. I tergelak la pulak time tu sebab dia memang nampak takut! So cepat-cepat la I pergi buat test and masuk balik ke emergency ward tu.

Until around 4.30am macam tu, dah dapat bilik and nurse pun tolak la katil tu ke bilik. Dengan I sekali duduk atas tu. Time tu I memang dah barai dah sebab satu hari tak tidur.

So, I think it is really important for mothers to prepare everything you can if your child needs to be admitted.

Here is the list that I prepared last minute:

1. Mykid and your IC too -- this one is important for registration. Don't forget!

2. Clothes (baby) -- I bawak lebih for 3days just in case. Walaupun awal-awal susah sikit nak mandikan anak sebab ada wire semua, tapi I mintak jugak nak mandikan dia sebab I yang rimas! Lagipun kesian, mesti dia tak selesa.

3. Long sleeve shirts (baby) -- I packed around 3pcs because hospitals are cold!

4. Pampers -- bawak secukupnya untuk 2 atau 3 hari (usually admitted around 2 or 3 days). If possible, lebihkan je pampers because you never know!

5. White noise machine -- if your child uses white noise to sleep, bring along. It may help them to sooth because the environment may cause them to feel anxious. 

6. Toys -- yup toys are necessary because we might need them to distract baby! Aiman packed toys yang dia selalu main dekat rumah. Masa ni I rasa lega jugak la Aiman masukkan sekali haha

7. Blanket -- please bring along blanket just in case! I tertinggal padahal dah ingat dah nak bawak. Last-last I guna my sweater to cover Adellia.

8. Towels -- for you and your child too

9. Shower gel -- yup I packed this one too! Hospital mana ada sabun. Nasib baik I bawak shower gel for baby

10. Toiletries -- for yourself and for baby too

11. Botol susu -- bring 2 bottles just in case

12. Extra foods, i.e. biscuits, breads -- I brought along simple foods just in case we might get hungry!

13. Telekung and sejadah -- easier for you to pray in ward. There's no time for you to go to surau because you got to watch your child for 24-hours.

14. Wet wipes -- just in case if tak boleh mandikan, you have to prepare wet wipes because you might need them a lot. Especially if they poo!

So, apa lagi benda kena ada kalau anak warded? I hope this would help mothers out there to have an idea of what to bring to hospital if your child is warded. If ada tertinggal, boleh suruh husband hantarkan. Some hospitals are very strict. So kena la ikut rules and policy hospital tu.

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