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How To Sleep Train Your Baby?

Oh wow! First topic is a bit heavy, isn't it? Hehe
Ok guys, this post is dedicated to all moms who find it difficult to train their babies to sleep on time! I want to share with you guys what I did to sleep train my daughter, Adel.

Stay with me!

First of all, ini adalah pengalaman I and I just wanted to share on how I train my baby to know siang malam, sleep on time, jaga wake-up window dia etc. Cara setiap ibu-ibu adalah berbeza dan anda kenal anak anda.

Things you need to do:

1. During the day, ensure room is not dark. Kalau terpaksa buka lampu, buka.
Macam Adel, I akan make sure I tidurkan dia waktu siang dalam keadaan lampu terbuka, sebab bilik a bit hot so I'll make sure langsir sentiasa tutup.

2. Identify your baby's age, how long they should sleep for their age and how many times.
Contoh, if baby 6 bulan, they should get at least 3-4 hours of nap time, at least 2-3 naps in a day. Boleh google baby anda berapa bulan untuk tahu semua criteria ini.

3. Taking care of their wake-up window.
What is wake-up window for babies? Berapa lama baby can stay awake. Setiap wake-up window baby adalah berbeza depends on their age.
Contoh, baby 6 bulan can stay awake for 2-3 hours maximum.

4. White noise.
Macam Adel, I memang guna white noise machine since dalam pantang. She slept well with those sound. Apa itu white noise? You guys can google what is white noise for babies.

5. Dark room during night.
Malam kena make sure bilik selesa, gelap dan sejuk for baby untuk tidur.

If dah ada semua benda kat atas, dah boleh mula train your baby to sleep. Contoh, semalam baby tak tidur malam? So confirm siang dia akan tidur je, betul tak?

Ok start jaga nap time dia. If you see your baby sleeps around 1 hour, wake him up. Kejut je. Baby akan cranky for the first time sebab kena kejut. What should you do?

1. Play with them. Main sekejap dengan baby, agah dia, or story time dengan baby ke.

2. Bring them outside. Bawak jalan sekejap tengok dunia luar. Panas ke apa agak-agak la ye nak buat macam mana hehe

Still cranky?

3. Get them back to sleep. Don't worry! Their second nap is not long compared to the first one. It's because they have been woken up. Sebab baby tak puas tidur.

So, waktu siang cukupkan lah berapa kali nap time baby and how long should they sleep for their age.

Agak-agak dah nak ke malam, hold baby. Plan your time.

For example, macam Adel, I akan bagi dia nap sebelum tidur malam for 30 minutes. Masa awal-awal train, every less than 1 hour I akan kejut dia. Lama-lama dia sendiri bangun tanpa dikejut. And usually, she will sleep 30 minutes for nap sebelum tidur malam. Routine yang I create untuk dia. Lama-lama she follows the routine.

So, untuk next tidur malam sampai pagi esok, make sure you guys change their diaper, sapu minyak sikit, pakaikan selimut and create a soothing and calm environment for night. If baby bangun, don't worry. Cepat-cepat tidurkan semula. Do anything you guys can to get them to sleep back. If puting soothe them, then give it to them.

Photo from google

Also, ensure to create their wake-up time consistently. Contoh, if you nak baby bangun pukul 9am, then every morning you have to wake them up around that time. Terlebih sikit pun tak apa. Don't be too strict!

This sleep training must be done on a daily basis. Do not STOP! Make it a routine for your baby so that they will know and understand every process.

I started to sleep train Adel when she was 1-month plus. Around that time, I was concerned about returning to work. So I have to do something to make sure she sleeps well.

But, oh, also! You have to know this process doesn't instantly happen. It depends on your baby to cope with it.

The schedule may become messed up! Especially if the baby is sick/during monthly vaccination. It's okay. As long as you maintain the routine, then inshAllah your baby will cope with it.

Goodluck to all moms/mom-to-be!

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