Thursday, November 23, 2023

Unleashing the Joy of Involving Your Child More

Bila kita sebut tentang involve more, kita sebut tentang setiap perkara kita buat, kita pastikan anak ada.

House chores, cooking, reading, gardening, washing dishes, self-care routine, doing laundry and etc...

Lepas I baca satu buku parenting ni, I have decided to involve Adellia more into my daily routine. Apa saja I buat, I nak ajak Adellia.

After reading this book, I realized there are many things I've actually involved Adellia in without even realizing it. Antaranya, sikat rambut sendiri, brush teeth, pakai seluar sendiri, pakai spec mata sendiri, tolak trolley sendiri, wash hand, dan banyak lagi. I was feeling so happy that I involve my daughter dalam sedar tak sedar tu.

Now, setiap petang I akan make sure Adellia involve with nature more. I felt a bit sad that, after returning to Malaysia, I became lazy to take Adellia outside. I rasa... bersalah juga lah.

Padahal when she was a baby pun, kita bawak je Adellia keluar jalan-jalan. Even at Australia pun, every day we let her go outside. Orang sekarang call it healing (healing ke tu..). But now, with our new routine, I haven't continued it.

I think after few trials of involving her more, I can see few improvement.

What improvements have I noticed in Adellia?

1. Curious and excited

Her words would be like,

"Apa tu?"

"Mama, lizard sleep kan?"

"Mama, apa ni?" *sambil tunjuk dry leaf dekat floor*

2. Wanting to take part in every task

Macam ada satu masa tu, dia nak donut. So bila I menguli donut, I usually memang akan bagi dia uli sekali. Just bagi a small piece of dough and let her do her own magic.

Dekat sini best sebab I boleh nampak dia focus buat sesuatu tu. At the same time, she will observe my way. Cara I roll the wood untuk leperkan dough tu, cara I tekap bentuk untuk buat donut, cara I make sure donut tu bulat cantik..

When she watches us make donuts, she learns to observe and eventually tries making them herself.

3. Language and cognitive development

I ada perasan vocab Adellia improving a lot. She talks more and wanting to express what she feels.

Dekat rumah, I mix English and Malay a lot. So, she used both languages in her daily routine. Dekat school pulak, the teachers used English. Sometimes, at home, she will speak in english. Cuma bunyi pelat pelat itu normal untuk anak 2 tahun.

4. Developing life skills

Bila kita involve our child more, I perasan kita akan develop their life skills sekali. For example, cooking lunches, cleaning up, daily bath routine for future responsibilities.

These are all good skills to teach our children. They will learn to be independent in handling small tasks.

Contoh yang I selalu buat dekat Adellia, is washing hands. Dekat rumah, I akan letak kerusi dekat sink. And whenever she wants to wash her hands, she can just climb the chair and wash hands. Then, dia akan turun sendiri. Awal-awal dulu larat la lagi nak dukung dia. Sekarang, tidak lagi.

Another example, I let her climb the stairs on her own. At first, I was a bit worried. Our minds conjure up various scenes. However, I let her be and observe. Eventually, she starts climbing the stairs by herself. It's a good skill.

5. Motor skills

Adellia suka stickers, jadi I beli stickers banyak-banyak and biar dia main dengan stickers sampai puas. Petang pulak, I akan ajak dia watering the plants.

This everyday task will contribute to the development of fine and gross motor skills. Dia suka je, sebab boleh main air. Tapi tak kisah la, biar saja dia comot dan basah. Sebab ada masanya dia akan geli bila kasut/selipar dia basah. Dekat sini pentingnya grounding anak. I dah lama tak buat grounding, sampai dia jadi geli dengan selipar basah.

I selalu grounding dia dengan tumbuhan je (let her touch the plants, the woods, the rocks) tapi I jarang sangat biar dia berkaki ayam. I might need to take notes and check this off as one of my goals...

In that book, the author said, bila kita ajar anak, we have to use SHOW method.

S low

H ands

O mit

W ords

Avoid talking and show more. Rupanya bila kita ajar toddler, we don't use words. We teach them by observation. Lepas I dah tahu method ni, I akan tunjuk je without any words to Adellia. Toddlers learn more through observation. But, make sure we use slow hands movement. Moving your hands too quickly can make a toddler give up too soon.

Ini antara ilmu yang I dapat. You guys can learn and know more through this book. I really recommend parents to get this book. Kita bukan belajar tentang anak saja, tapi diri sendiri as a parent jugak. It's a good book.

Get this book here >> The Montessori Toddler

Kalau nak tahu apa lagi barang best, you guys can click at the above page -> MENU -> [MY LINKS]

I wish I know more. I suka sangat dengan semua ilmu tentang parenting ni. When I read parenting books, now I realize, there are actually many more things I need to know. It's not just about taking care of the child. It's about learning how to parent ;)

Monday, October 2, 2023

If I Were to Offer Advice to Mothers, What Would Be the Most Valuable Advice I Could Share With Them?

If someone comes to me and ask,

"Ryna, do you have any advice you could share with me about becoming a mother?"

Answering this question might pose a bit of a challenge for me.

Kalau dapat soalan macam ni, I'd rather answer this question with ibu-ibu wajib sangat bersedia waktu emergency kalau anak sakit. There are many things that must be present in the house, especially during emergencies.

I rasa bila jadi mak ni kan, you have to get ready all the time for emergencies when your child is sick.

You need to know what to do when your child has symptoms like fever, cough, flu, and others. You kena alert what is the border temperature when your child is having a fever. You have to know how to detect a fast breathing rate for a baby. You have to know what to do when your baby is having a flu and how to clear the mucus to let baby sleeps in peace. You have to know how to loose the baby's phlegm and ensure their breathing is normal.

It's a lot, isn't it?

Believe me, when you become a mother, you're essentially becoming a student all over again.

You never cease to learn, and every day brings new insights about human beings (baby). It's during these times that we truly appreciate the sacrifices our mothers made in the past.

So sebenarnya, apa benda yang wajib ibu-ibu ada dirumah to monitor their child's symptoms?

I strongly recommend including these items in the ESSENTIAL list of things mothers should have at home.

1. π‘»π’‰π’†π’“π’Žπ’π’Žπ’†π’•π’†π’“

Sebelum Adellia lahir dulu, memang I dah beli siap-siap thermometer and letak dekat tempat yang senang kita capai. I memang include thermometer siap-siap dalam list barang-barang baby. We never know what happen in the future. If the child is unwell, we won't panic to rush to the clinic and can monitor them at home first.

Temperature > 37.5° = fever

2. π‘·π’‚π’“π’‚π’„π’†π’•π’‚π’Žπ’π’

Ubat demam ni macam benda yang wajib ada dirumah. Detect je temperature more than 37.5° terus boleh administer PCM. Continue monitor your child's temperature. Every 4-6 hours boleh keep administer paracetamol if temperature spike again. In the meantime, tepek koolfever dekat tempat generate heat (ketiak, dahi, celah peha & lengan).

If the child continues to have a fever for more than three days, it's crucial to promptly go to the clinic.

3. 𝑡𝒂𝒔𝒂𝒍 π‘Ίπ’‘π’“π’‚π’š

Bila anak flu, masa ni anak akan cranky because they are having a difficulty in breathing. Runny/blocked nose akan buat anak tak selesa. Masa ni memang kena ada ilmu guna nasal spray to clear the mucus.

As long as there's a lot of mucus in the child's nose, they will remain cranky and have difficulty sleeping. After you clear the mucus, it's a relief to see the child can sleep comfortably.

4. π‘΅π’†π’ƒπ’–π’π’Šπ’›π’†π’“ π‘΄π’‚π’„π’‰π’Šπ’π’†

If you have extra money, consider investing in a nebulizer machine. It can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Kenapa I cakap macam ni?

Because when a child has excessive phlegm, it can disrupt their breathing. If you notice rapid breathing during such times, it's crucial to promptly visit the clinic to have your child nebulized.

Usually one session of gas will costs you around RM40-RM80. If your child needs to be nebulized for a few sessions, it will cost you more money.

I memang standby nebulizer machine dekat rumah sebab sangat berguna waktu emergency kalau Adellia batuk. Liquid for nebulizer boleh je beli dekat pharmacy berdekatan. I akan standby liquid ni dalam kuantiti yang banyak. Sehari we can use up to 3 pumps to a child. Kalau teruk sangat, boleh on nebulize setiap 6 jam.

Dekat sini pun, you have to monitor your child. If lepas neb pun masih lagi tak improve their breathing, segeralah ke klinik/hospital berdekatan.

Before I bought nebulizer machine ni, everytime Adellia had rapid breathing je, memang I terus ke emergency di hospital untuk ambil gas. Sebab zaman COVID dulu dah tak provide neb dekat klinik biasa, so we had to go to hospital to get the neb. Kalau dah masuk hospital ni, memang Doctor akan monitor and decide whether boleh balik monitor dirumah atau needs to be admitted.

Sebab tu I rasa nebulizer machine ni antara alat yang patut ada dirumah everytime anak kecil batuk. We can do an emergency treatment at home while monitoring. If symptoms persist, then immediately go to the hospital.

5. π‘²π’π’π’˜π’π’†π’…π’ˆπ’†

For this one, not related to any items. It is solely the knowledge.

Knowledge of what? Of knowing how to handle a child.

Sejak I jadi ibu ni kan, I rasa banyak sangat ilmu baru yang I belajar. This is all coming back to above sentence yang I cakap, when you become a mother, you're essentially becoming a student all over again.

Banyak sangat ilmu yang kita kena tahu. You will never stop learning if you are a mother.

Knowledge masa anak sakit pun sangat-sangat lah penting how you handle it. It is crucial untuk tak berada dalam keadaan "terlambat". It is crucial untuk tahu nak kena buat apa kalau anak sakit macam ini atau itu. It is crucial untuk tahu how to manage their emotion when they are sick. Dan banyak lagi "it is crucial"...

We need to acquire knowledge in various areas to ensure that what we are doing is right.

It all comes back to this advice if someone comes to me and ask this question. Bagi I, sangat lah penting untuk get ready during emergency situation. Cara kita handle our emotion pun penting. Physical and mental being seorang ibu pun sangat lah penting. Ibu-ibu ni tak boleh sakit ye. Sebab kalau ibu sakit, siapa nak jaga anak yang sakit tu. Kita ni kena ready 24/7. Penat kan dengar? Hewhewe

I akan jawab soalan ini with all of the above information if ada orang tanya I soalan ni. Sebab I tahu the anxiety of not being prepared.

As time goes by, I've learned to always be prepared for the rain.

So, if someone comes up to you and asks this question, what would your response be?

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

How Did I Potty Train Adellia Before She Turned 2-Years Old?

Hello! I'm thrilled to be back on my blog. I've really missed the joy of typing and writing. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to blog properly since my time in Australia. Life was quite busy there, and now I've returned to Malaysia. It's incredible how quickly three months have passed since my return! Time certainly flies.

Ok as you guys read the title, I nak share how I potty train Adellia before she turned 2-years old officially.

I KNOW. This post gonna be long long!

As I have shared some of the tips in my IG stories (Insta stories), I train Adellia di Australia. My goal was to successfully potty train her before I returned to Malaysia. Masa tu ada lagi sebulan before I go back. So I was sooo excited untuk try potty train dia before she reach 2-years old.

Honestly, I didn't put much expectation sebab I cuma nak cuba je. If she can't take it, then I plan untuk cuba lagi sampai dia boleh.


We went to Kmart that day and I randomly said to Aiman, let's find toilet training seat for Adellia. Lepas beli tu, I randomly cuba potty train dia esok harinya. Masa ni, niat I memang nak tengok dia boleh ke tak.


After mandi pagi tu, I tak pakaikan pampers. I cuma pakaikan seluar and remind her few times,

"Adellia, if you want to pee, you let mama know"

"Adellia, nak kencing tak?"

"Adellia, macam mana cakap nak kencing? Camni... I want to pee. Nak kencing"

Malam pulak macam biasa pakaikan je pampers. Sebelum tidur, I akan ajar dia few times how to say when you want to pee.


Same thing happened. After mandi, just pakaikan seluar and no pampers.

And keep reminding her to tell me whenever she feels like peeing.

D-2 ni macam banyak sangat dia terbolos. Ada la dekat 4-5 kali. Padahal kita dah pesan setiap 10-30 minit. Tapi takpe, sebab anak baru je nak belajar. Dan kita jangan paksa atau expect dia boleh instantly.

So, everytime dia terkucil, I just keep reminding her,

"Lepasni nak kencing, you tell me ok?" sambil I lap and cuci tempat basah tu.

So masa ni memang penat sikit la. Sebab ada banyak seluar yang kita kena bilas and banyak tempat kena cuci haha!

Adellia pandai cakap nak berak if she wants to poo. So I tak kisah sangat about poo. She immediately say,

"Nak yak" if she had stomachache (nak berak)

So, every time potty train ni, bab poo memang on time je ke toilet. Cuma I lebih concern with peeing. So this potty train is actually to train her to pee in the toilet.


Day 3 ni dah nampak pattern Adellia improving. Siang ada terkucil lagi tapi less compared to day before. Yang paling terkejut, tidur malam dia tak kencing dalam pampers walaupun I pakaikan pampers untuk tidur malam.

I was shocked dia kejut I bangun pagi and said,

"Mama. Nak cing"

And I mamai sambil bangun cakap,

"Nak kencing? Kencing jee. Awak pakai pampers la Adellia"

Tapi walaupun I cakap macam tu, dia tak kencing dalam tu. So I bawak dia ke toilet untuk kencing.

Shocked jugak la masa ni.


Day-7 ni Adellia dah improve a lot dah. Disebabkan tidur malam dia langsung tak kencing dalam pampers dah, so I decide nap siang dia off diapers terus. I was trying and saja nak tengok macam mana.

But, dekat otak I dah decide, if she terkucil, then it's okay. Esok kita cuba lagi waktu nap.

So what happened is, nap siang tak kencing atas tilam. And tiada adegan terkucil atau kena bilas seluar dah.


Adellia totally off diapers on Day-9. I dah start tak pakaikan diapers langsung and she was improving a lot. Pandai cakap nak kencing dan nak berak dah. On time saja ke toilet.

Honestly, I ingatkan dia akan tak biasa bila tak pakai pampers. Ye lah kan, selama ni ada benda yang dia pakai and suddenly kosong macam tu, so I thought dia akan mintak untuk pakai.

But, luckily, she didn't. She just being ok and follow je lah apa mak dia buat.

I did not put much expectation. Sebab I decide to potty train her because she is able to express "nak yak" everytime she wants to poo (masa pakai pampers). So I thought to myself, "Apa kata kita cuba??"

And then, terjadilah random potty train ni.

Bila nampak she can get along with this, I terus decide untuk jadikan goal I dapat potty train dia before she turned 2-years old.

Alhamdulillah, she gets along really well.

What I can say, kencing atas katil itu biasa untuk kids. What you can do as their parents, always empty their bladder first before sleep. Masa awal tu ada jugak dia terkucil atas tilam, but I can say, sangatlah jarang. I rasa masa dalam sebulan pertama tu, ada la dalam 2 kali je dia terkucil. Bulan seterusnya, none.

Kalau Adellia rasa nak kencing lagi waktu tidur malam, she will awake me and say nak kencing. So kadang tu ada la dalam 3am I bangun untuk bawak dia ke toilet.

And the rest of it, usually waktu dia bangun tidur je dia akan empty her bladder. Which is 7am-8am.

Always reminding them the same words.

Teach them the words.

"Let me know if you want to pee"

"Macam mana cakap nak kencing? Macam ni... I want to pee. Nak kencing"

Ini ayat yang berpuluh kali I ucap waktu I potty train dia. Sampai berbuih mulut ni ahah.

Please expect your child will not understand it the first moment you remind them. You have to KEEP reminding them.

We are talking to a children, not adults.

And it's really important that you are not comparing your child to someone else's child. Expect every child's phase is different.

Yang paling penting I rasa, jangan put too much hope la kot. Just follow the flow and what your child is able to.

You know your child best. So you lebih tahu macam mana cara anak you handle their thing.

I hope that what I share here will be as helpful to you all as it has been to me. Thanks a lot for spending your time to read! :)

Monday, August 7, 2023

How to Apply for Australian Visa as a Tourist

Today's blog post will focus on the process of applying for an Australian tourist visa. I've received several inquiries from people asking about the steps to obtain a visa for entry into Australia. Hence, I thought of sharing the information here to help those who may be interested.

It's a very simple step and I thought of providing you guys the easiest and simplest explanation here.

Step 1: Determine the Visa Type:

Before you start the application process, you need to identify the right visa category for your visit. The most common type for visitors is the Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601) visa, which allows you to stay in Australia for up to 3 months. However, there are other options available depending on the purpose and duration of your visit, such as the Visitor Visa (subclass 600) for tourists which allows you to stay for up to 12 months.

Step 2: Gather the Required Documents:

Once you've determined the appropriate visa type, it's time to gather the necessary documents. Typically, you'll need:

Valid Passport: Ensure your passport has at least six months of validity remaining from the date you plan to enter Australia.

Visa Application Form: Fill out the application form online on the Australian Department of Home Affairs website. Provide accurate and truthful information.

Passport-Sized Photograph: Provide a recent photograph meeting the specified requirements.

Proof of Financial Capacity: Demonstrate that you have enough funds to cover your stay in Australia, such as bank statements, pay slips, or proof of sponsorship.

Travel Itinerary: Prepare a detailed itinerary outlining your intended activities and places you plan to visit during your stay.

Character Documents: Depending on your circumstances, you may need to provide police certificates or other character documents.

Health Insurance: Obtain adequate health insurance to cover any medical expenses during your stay in Australia.

Step 3: Submitting the Application:

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, it's time to submit your application. You can follow these steps:

Create an ImmiAccount: Visit the Australian Department of Home Affairs website and create an ImmiAccount.

Fill out the Application Form: Log into your ImmiAccount and complete the online application form, providing all the requested information.

Attach Supporting Documents: Upload scanned copies of all the required documents to your application.

Pay the Application Fee: Pay the visa application fee, which varies depending on the visa subclass and your location.

Submit the Application: Double-check all the information and submit your application.

Step 4: Wait for the Visa Decision:

After submitting your application, the waiting game begins. The processing time varies depending on the visa subclass and other factors, so be patient. You can track the progress of your application through your ImmiAccount.

Step 5: Receive the Visa Grant:

Once your visa is granted, you'll receive a notification via email or through your ImmiAccount. Print a copy of the visa grant notice to carry with you when you travel to Australia.

Step 6: Arriving in Australia:

Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure! Jangan lupa untuk sentiasa alert dengan passport, visa grant notice for immigration officers. Walaupun sebenarnya they have records, it's better to prepare your documents.

Antara satu lagi benda yang wajib semua alert adalah, kenalpasti peraturan dan undang-undang negara tersebut. As of my experience, Australia adalah negara yang agak strict. Especially when it comes to driving law. So, better prepare awal and tahu apa kita patut tahu.

Friday, March 3, 2023

Day Routine - Australia Version

It has been 2 months entering 3 months since I lived here in Brisbane, Australia. Truthfully, I would say my day routine is same.

When I woke up in the morning, first thing first, I would clean myself. I akan distract Adellia with snacks so that I can clean myself calmly. Usually I akan bagi biskut je untuk makan. After Adellia done with shower, baru I akan buat breakfast for both of us.

I would say breakfast here is almost the same just like we're in Malaysia. Either roti canai, cucur bawang, pancake, nasi goreng, nugget or roti coklat. We will eat together and enjoy our moments.

Then, I akan main sama-sama with Adellia. It depends on her mood. If she was okay, then we will just watch TV together, or playing toys. If she was not in a good mood, she'll ask to go outside. Kadang tu matahari tengah terik atas kepala, dia ajak keluar ye gais. Maknya pening melayan taw!

I can feel her boredom here. I know that we were just stucked in the house for 5-days straight and doing exactly the same routine everyday. Forgive me, Adellia. I know you're bored. Kesian anak saya.

I can't do anything, except just let her play outside in the house area. I promise things will be better soon, okay daughter?

How I wish I can go outside and let my daughter socialize with new friends here. Tapi, tak semudah itu. I can only wish!

She befriended with the geese, chickens, and also fishes! Everyday, before sleep, she will say,

"Good night, chickens!"

"Good night, fish!"

So cute...

Then, I will prepare lunch when she was napping soundly. Sebab masa dia tidur la saya boleh buat kerja dengan laju. Preparing her lunch is not difficult. It takes around 10 minutes only. You know, cooking for baby is really easy. What is not easy is thinking what to cook...

After nap, usually, Adellia will eat her lunch. Sambil teman dia makan, I akan mengadap laptop je. Searching, scrolling internet, news, social media or shopping?

I will spend my time reading at night. Sebab time malam je I boleh baca buku dengan tenang.

Evening time, we will just go outside in the house area and spend time together. Running, walking, cycling, or jumping on trampoline. The cycle repeated...

Adellia will sleep around 10pm above here. Sekarang ni lepas I tidurkan anak, I pun akan join tidur after read few pages, or watching one episode of kdrama. No more staying up late. Awal sampai sini dulu, I selalu jugak stay up late. Now taknak dah buat because I need my quality sleep! And plus, subuh sini masuk waktu awal. Masa mula-mula sampai, Subuh at 3.20am. Now, 4.22am dah Subuh. So, if staying up at night, you'll risk your Subuh too 😌

Limit untuk I stay up at night sampai pukul 12am je. Once 12am, I terus ready for sleep. And bangun pagi esok, the cycle repeated...

Many people asked did we migrate here for good?

My answer, I wouldn't say migrate. But, we stay here for a reason. I was just following my husband. We didn't know what will happen in the future, but our plans now, settling our matters and get things done as soon as possible.

Friday, January 13, 2023

Journey to Australia - with a baby

It was long time ago since I updated my blog. I have been so busy with Adellia's stuff recently that she needs my attention day and night.

Oh by the way, I am now in Malaysia. So I want to share here how's my life with my small family while we were in Australia.

Journey to Australia with 17-months baby sure not so easy, I guess? Haha. Please bear with me! I think this post is gonna be long and compact!

28 October 2022 - Flight to Australia

We got a transit flights to Australia. First flight - Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (7:00pm) and our second flight - Singapore to Gold Coast (10:20pm).

To make it interesting, our flight to Singapore was delayed by one hour. So we have less than an hour in Singapore before boarding to the Gold Coast. It was a disaster I tell ya!

It was the first time we had checked in a stroller. Once sampai ke check-in counter, staff cakap kena lipat stroller and bagi ke staff airport nanti untuk diorang letak bawah airplane. So okay lah. Sampai je Singapore, I tanya ke steward tu,

"Hi, may I know where can I claim my stroller?"

The steward said I can claim it at the baggage counter. Lepas turun je ke airport I pun tanya la pulak airport staffs, and they all gave useless information. Mind you, I was asking 3 different persons and each of them was giving me different solution. We had around 40 minutes before the next flight. Can you guys imagine how stress we were?

Cut the story short, Aiman had a good idea because we had to catch a flight, or else we'd be missed it!

Aiman suggested that me and Adellia go straight to the gate, while he goes to the baggage counter to claim the stroller. This process required him to pass the immigration counter in Singapore, and then check-in again for the next flight. WITHIN 40 MINUTES.

It was a stressful situation...

I had to run fast with Adellia in my arms. Penat sangat waktu ni because the gate is so far. Whoever been in Singapore airport will know how big this airport!

We made it to the gate and luckily we were able to board the plane. Disebabkan flight to Gold Coast malam, so Adellia was sleeping through the night. She was tired already because she was active before boarding. I was really relieved la sebab flight malam, so it was a bonus point for us.

Once we reached Gold Coast airport, the procedure is too leceh la for me. Why? Because there's no fast lane for those who had families. If you are in a departure section, there is a fast lane for families (I really like this!), but sadly there wasn't for those who arrived there.

Masa ni both of us dah penat, because we weren't get enough sleep on the plane. Kepala I dah tingtong jugak time ni cause I was really tired. Lepastu sampai pulak kena queue panjang gila. There were few kids/babies there, and all of them were crying. Yup, during the queuing time...

Ingatkan dah lepas imegresen dah lega, ohh nooo we had to go to the next lane untuk go through procedure of scanning luggages. Memang disaster betul masa ni sebab badan dah sakit-sakit and we had to queue for almost 2 hours before we reached the officers. And I saw most of us yang queue semua muka like Asians. Huhu, get what I meant?

Yang mana yang nampak suspicious have to queue to the next lane to scan luggages, yang tak kena tu can just go straight to exit section.

I was really disappointed la this time, because the officers saw we had a baby with us, but still they asked us to proceed with the next lane. Masa ni kesian sangat dekat Adellia. She was tired and started crying already. I had no idea to soothe her because I already know she was tired. So, what I did is, I asked Aiman to carry her. And she slept later. After that baru I letak dekat stroller to let her sleep comfortably. 2 jam tu for me memang lama la. We had to wait for them to scan our luggages. They'll see everything inside luggages and throw away anything they think are prohibited.

But we were lucky enough! Turn kitorang belakang-belakang so I think the officer is already malas dah, so they just scanned the luggages without us opening it. Nasib baik. Lega dah! If not, memang penat nak kena buka semua luggages satu-satu and then close back.

By the way, Australia is quite strict. If you are travelling there, make sure do research about the country of what and what not to bring there.

If possible, make a list. Masa ni I tak buat list, but the next time I datang baru I buat list and then because of the list, I passed without having to scan luggages. I terus ke Exit je bawak troli semua. Phew. Next time memang kena prepare macam ni. Senang!

List yang I cakap ni you all boleh terus guna Words je and list la satu-satu apa yang you all bawa. Just a simple document. Once you have arrived and go through custom, just show them the list. Simple.

Next part I will share with you guys my convocation ceremony! Stay tuned...

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