Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Books I Read When I Was Pregnant

Way before I found out I was pregnant, I already addicted to 'reading'. It was to my surprise that I actually read after like.. 10 years (if I'm not mistaken) not reading.

The last moment I read was during high school. Tapi itu buku novel cinta which you know, being a high school students kan dulu-dulu memang terjebak dengan buku novel cinta haha! Lepastu habis sekolah I was busy with studying and working and till now, I am back with reading!

My genre? This time I am more into Islamic & Spiritual genre (I loved it so much!). It keeps me reflecting myself and confident in whatever I did, I always have Allah with me. MashAllah.

My first book? Well, here it is!

Talk To Allah by Ayesha Shahira

What can I say about this book? Ugh, I loved this book so much that it turns my POV 360 degree. I mean, how can you not love this book?

It taught you how you can communicate with Allah, be it when you are happy or even when you are sad. This book taught us that everything you say, is actually a Doa if you communicate with Allah. It takes you to another journey of spiritual discovery: of reconnecting with Allah wholeheartedly.

I memang suka betul buku ni sampai I baca lebih sekali la. I jot down lots of important notes in this book. Whenever I feel sad or down, I akan open any quotes yang akan soothe my feelings.

Memang positif sangat this book. And sebenarnya it also taught us that you don't have to angkat tangan when berdoa if you want to make Doa! You can always ask Allah whatever you want without putting any barrier. We always thought that whenever you want to pray, you have to pray with your telekung and sejadah on, and angkat tangan bila berdoa kan? But, actually, Allah always listen to our Doas.

Because He is the All-Knowing.

I would like to suggest you guys to read this book if you ever feel lost in your life. It really give you positive vibes and boost your spiritual emotions back!

Here is my list of books that I read when I was pregnant. Sikit tapi sangat bermakna all the books! Hope you guys will get the benefits too 💓

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