Saturday, July 30, 2022

Mothers, It Is Okay To Not Be Okay

Moms, have you ever feel like you are burning out that you didn't want to do anything at all? Have you ever woke up in the morning and think 

"Please, I just wanna lay on my bed doing nothing"?

I bet all of you must have felt the same. Yup, that was me today.

But the thing is, I started to feel like that today when I was at an event (my makcik's engagement event). Boleh bayang tak macam mana I rasa tengah duduk sembang-sembang, and suddenly what I wanna do is just sleep...

So I started to feel lemau sangat when the folks were talking chit-chatting. I was like... Please, I just want to sleep, NOW!

So, as usual, if I ever feel like this, usually I'll let my husband handles Adellia. Like, please give me time.

Aiman was very understanding. He'd entertaining, feeding, playing with Adellia when he saw I sat there in silence.

I just said to Aiman,

"Please take care of Adellia. I mengantuk".

Little did he know I was just feeling burned out....

The burned out feeling bawak sampai ke malam, that Aiman handles all Adellia's needs. Until now.. (I typed this when Aiman and Adellia were in front of television watching Adellia's favorite cartoons).

So I discover one of the ways that can help moms out there overcome this "burn out" feeling:

1. Give time to yourself

This really helped me out A LOT. Usually when I feel I don't want to do anything, Aiman can read me. He'd usually take Adellia with him. He'd usually say 

"Let's play together, Adellia"

I akan play with my phone, reading, watching kdrama sampai melepet untuk bagi I masa. And sometimes I akan keluar alone untuk me-time.

Trust me moms, it helped! You are also a human being, you are not a robot.

2. Talk with your partner

Ladies, it is important to communicate with your partner how you felt. Kalau macam I, I memang sejenis kalau takde mood I akan diam je. Aiman knew me, so he'd usually asked me if I was okay etc, and I'd usually replied

"I need time alone"

So dia akan faham and gave me space. So he took Adellia with him to give me time and space. 

Ladies, please, it worked! Sometimes, all you need is just TIME & SPACE. That's why I said, talk with your partner.

3. Acknowledge and let go

If you find yourself too bothered with the feelings of burned out, LET GO. Just let it go. Dia macam... you know that this is just for a while. You'll be okay and it is okay to not be okay :')

4. Sleep for how long you want and come back stronger

Sleep is the solution to all problems. I couldn't deny that. Go to sleep. And don't forget to come back stronger tomorrow :')

5. Forget about today and preserve your mental health

After I did all of the above, I'd forget about yesterday and start to feel okay. And please, after you had your time & space, come back to your baby and kiss them!

Tell them how much you loved them and thank you for understanding.

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Ini apa yang I buat whenever this feeling appeared. Yes, I usually felt this way every once in a while. That's why sebenarnya it is very important for mothers to preserve their mental health into a good level. Because you are taking care of another human. You are also a human being. You have emotions and feelings. You deserve time alone too. Nothing is perfect and you don't need to be perfect for your child. Because humans are not perfect. And can't be.

There are many ways that you can do to overcome the "burn out" feelings. Discover which one is your preferences and no need to feel guilty if you do that. You don't have to feel guilty if all you need is time for yourself.

And remember, come back stronger, Mothers! 💓

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