Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Kurap Susu

Topik hari ni pasal kurap susu. So I just knew about this one taw. Masa Adellia umur 4 bulan, she had to deal with kurap susu (which is very bad). Mulanya dekat area tepi mulut, sikit je. Lama-lama merebak sampai ke pipi and dua-dua belah pipi.

Tapi I cepat bertindak! Dalam seminggu nampak kurap tu, I terus cari cream yang boleh soothe the kurap. After made a lot of reading, I found this cream. The cream is organic, natural and sooth for baby's skin. But I think the price is quite pricey (well, for me!).

It is to be reminded that if it involves cream, then you have to be sooo patient! I read about kurap susu and found out rupanya if baby kena kurap susu, it takes longer to heal! I ingatkan it's just something yang akan heal seminggu dua. Rupanya tidak ye! It took months! For Adellia, sebulan lebih baru kurap susu tu hilang and heal sepenuhnya. But, sometimes it comes back! Tapi you guys kena rajin everyday sapu cream. I will put the cream twice daily after bath session.

Kurap susu ni ada hari dia boleh jadi teruk, and ada hari dia tetiba macam hilang sikit. Then, esoknya teruk balik. So dekat sini kita memang kena rajin sapu cream everyday. Now, Alhamdulillah Adellia's skin dah back to normal. Licin and smooth.

So, for me, I really recommend moms to keep this one at home! It is natural, organic and no harmful substances for baby's skin. Highly recommended although it took time to see the results. But well, everything takes time! ;)

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