Tuesday, May 10, 2022


Dua bulan yang lepas Adellia ada sikit eczema dekat tepi mulut. Mulanya kering je and dia tak garu. So I keep on sapu cream Cetaphil Advanced Protection Cream Baby tu. The irritation will come and go. Lepastu, suddenly ada satu malam tu dia garu masa tengah tidur (she suddenly know how to scratch). Bangun pagi esoknya I terkejut dah berdarah and habis kena comforter semua.

So I was really concerned. Terus I cuci and sapu cream Cetaphil lagi. And disebabkan dah berair and berdarah, cream tu macam tak sempat nak act upon the cut, she already scratch back. I was shocked kot and I gotta find one cream yang kena soothe the wounds and dry it as soon as possible. Sebab I taknak dia garu lagi.

I made quite a lot of survey untuk cream for eczema yang boleh soothe the wounds as soon as possible. One of it I found Honey & Olive brand. So I terus made order untuk Rescue Cream and Restore Salve dulu. I wanna try this two first before consider to buy others.

Masa I placed order tu luka Adellia masih kering. And it turned out she scratch the wounds at the same day I placed order. Lepastu luka tu dah jadi infection cause she keeps scratching taw. And I tak fikir panjang dah, terus bawak dia ke klinik and consult Doctor. So Doctor gave cream untuk sooth the infection and also for moisture. And she also got antibiotic untuk makan sekali for 3 days. After sapu the cream, the infection is soothed. And I stop of using it after the wound cuma tinggal dry je. Cause the Doctor said, cream tu ada steroid, just sapu nipis je.

Then, a friend suggested cream named Aquaphor. Mulanya I nak try Honey & Olive tu dulu, but it seems like the cream did not really help with the wound after third time of application. Mungkin jugak faktor Adellia keep scratching. Basically, her eczema is the degil one taw. Very hard to soothe.

So I bought la Aquaphor pulak untuk try. The texture is same as Vaseline. Very moisture and thick. You just need to use a little je, because, really, it is so THICK. I bought 50g first because I wanna try. Tapi I rasa macam lambat habis because memang sikit sangat guna tapi dah boleh apply to most area. And I think I like la the cream, cause Adellia likes to touch her face, so most cream yang I guna memang akan hilang after application if she touches her face. This Aquaphor's texture is thick. So macam lambat la nak hilang if she touches her face.

After been using this cream for few weeks, I think I like it! Adellia memang ada masalah menggaru sikit. She always scratches especially masa tidur. Macam-macam cara la nak prevent she scratches tapi itu lah, susah jugak.

So far, I think this cream act fast. Sebab if sampai luka dia garu, I just apply this cream, and soon nampak macam dah sooth sikit luka tu. Which is THE POINT! I memang tengah cari cream yang sooth cepat to prevent infections.

I brought this cream everywhere I go. Including masa travel raya itu hari. Nightime sleep I kena balut tangan dia to prevent she scratches. Itu pun kadang dia pandai buka balutan tu.

Thank you to a friend yang suggested this cream for eczema problems. Can see the difference la. I want to share the after pictures tapi tak ada lagi cause the wound is still there (she still scratching) and susah nak dapat clean skin macam dulu cause the cycle keeps repeating haha. Bila dah elok, dia garu lagi. So tak sempat nak licin, dah jadi balik. I will update when I found ways to prevent her from scratching haha!

Aquaphor Advanced Therapy - RM29.90
Honey & Olive - Up to RM34.90

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