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Post VIVA Things

Continue from previous post, what you need to do after you have passed your VIVA session. So, after you have heard 

"Congratulations, you have passed/completed your Master/PhD study"

There you go! It's time for a correction thingy.

Correction ni depends on what status you got for your VIVA. If you pass with minor correction, UPM will give 3-months for you to do correction (during COVID19 period). If you pass with major correction, then you will get 6-months to do correction. You can check further on UPM's website.

So after you already finished with the corrections, there are a few documents that you need to submit along with the correction thesis.

GS-16a form
- GS25 form
- GS17 form (for graduation, along with RM200 fee)
- 1 copy of Thesis (corrected)
- List of correction
- 1 copy of Abstract (in Malay & English)
- Manuscript (accepted or published)
- Text Similarity Report (under 20%)

During my time, I just sent through email to SGS. Masa tu still PKP and UPM is closed except for urgent matters. So I was told to send all the documents online.

I even got all the signatures online (by email). Mulanya risau juga, tapi fuh nasib baik UPM staffs efficient. So I got all forms signed and verified. After that, you will get email saying that all documents were received.

Actually, I have to submit hardcopy after PKP ends. But I didn't. So I went to Counter 4 SGS and told them about this (cause it was almost 1 year after I submitted the correction). So they just took GS25, GS17 and GS16a hardcopies form. I pergi sini lepas I dapat email from Senate that requires me to do one last step (which is hardbound).

So SGS terus suruh hantar B5 Thesis format. REMEMBER, you have to submit B5 format ok. They will not accept A4 format (I submitted A4 format and got rejected). So bila dah rejected tu, they asked to follow the format exactly as the guidelines.

You will get Approval Sheet to insert in your thesis during printing later.

Once you submit the B5 format, you have to wait for 2 working days. They will review and comment for further correction (this one correction after senate approval). Once you get your thesis, please do correction exactly as told. They will mark and write down any corrections there.

So, you will need to do the corrections again and send back to them for final check. SGS was very strict. They will check the margin and spacing as the guidelines. Once they are satisfied, then you are ready for hardbound printing.

For Masters, you can print 5 copies of hardbound. 2 copies are compulsory (1 for library and 1 for faculty). Another 2 copies for your supervisors and you can keep 1 for yourself.

Once your hardbound is ready, you need to get your supervisor committee's signatures and stamps before you can submit the thesis to Counter 4 SGS. Next, submit your hardbound along with GS16b form + 1 CD to SGS to obtain Dean's signature. Usually you may collect your hardbound after 2 working days.

But, I dapat my hardbounds on the spot. They signed it immediately there. They will take 1 copy of your thesis (so they can send to library). SGS baik hati untuk send the copy themselve to the library. Then they will give you a "Green form". You have to collect the signature from your faculty and submit 1 copy of your thesis. After you bagi 1 thesis copy to your faculty, then they will sign your Green form.

Ok, then you are almost there! After that you have to go to SGS Counter 3 to claim your transcript and Dean's letter (to clarify that you have completed your Master study). Then they will signed the "Green form" and keep it.

Masa I submit this Green form, the staff tiba-tiba asked for my GS17 form (which I already submitted all of the forms before). They asked if I have another copy. Of course I have but that one is my copy. Tapi I terpaksa la ambil my copy dalam kereta and gave to them sebab I don't want to delay the Transcript and Dean's letter. And then I heard one of them said "form tu mungkin dekat xxx". And immediately asked me if I have other copy. Adoi. I think they should clarify with their staff first before asking another copy from student. But what to do lah, I already gave them. Hmm. Hope there is no issue later.

They will give the transcript and Dean's letter in the envelope. And then, congratulations! You have completed your Master study :)

Boleh tunggu convocation, which UPM will inform you in the email later.

Phew, what a journey I had! I settled all the process above in 1 day, which took me 2 hours and a half. Tapi seriously penat gila drive ulang alik to 2 different places sebanyak 4 kali. Hahah. Dah lah my faculty and SGS consider quite far la jugak. So it was a bit renyah to those yang have no transportation. Tapi sebab I nak settle semua in 1 day, so I rush sangat-sangat ulang alik my faculty and SGS 4 kali. Lucky me that I successfully submitted all the forms above in 1 day.

To those who are continuing your Master degree in UPM, I wish you goodluck and all the best. It was a bitter sweet memories to further my Master degree in UPM. Thank you UPM :)

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