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How Did I Potty Train Adellia Before She Turned 2-Years Old?

Hello! I'm thrilled to be back on my blog. I've really missed the joy of typing and writing. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to blog properly since my time in Australia. Life was quite busy there, and now I've returned to Malaysia. It's incredible how quickly three months have passed since my return! Time certainly flies.

Ok as you guys read the title, I nak share how I potty train Adellia before she turned 2-years old officially.

I KNOW. This post gonna be long long!

As I have shared some of the tips in my IG stories (Insta stories), I train Adellia di Australia. My goal was to successfully potty train her before I returned to Malaysia. Masa tu ada lagi sebulan before I go back. So I was sooo excited untuk try potty train dia before she reach 2-years old.

Honestly, I didn't put much expectation sebab I cuma nak cuba je. If she can't take it, then I plan untuk cuba lagi sampai dia boleh.


We went to Kmart that day and I randomly said to Aiman, let's find toilet training seat for Adellia. Lepas beli tu, I randomly cuba potty train dia esok harinya. Masa ni, niat I memang nak tengok dia boleh ke tak.


After mandi pagi tu, I tak pakaikan pampers. I cuma pakaikan seluar and remind her few times,

"Adellia, if you want to pee, you let mama know"

"Adellia, nak kencing tak?"

"Adellia, macam mana cakap nak kencing? Camni... I want to pee. Nak kencing"

Malam pulak macam biasa pakaikan je pampers. Sebelum tidur, I akan ajar dia few times how to say when you want to pee.


Same thing happened. After mandi, just pakaikan seluar and no pampers.

And keep reminding her to tell me whenever she feels like peeing.

D-2 ni macam banyak sangat dia terbolos. Ada la dekat 4-5 kali. Padahal kita dah pesan setiap 10-30 minit. Tapi takpe, sebab anak baru je nak belajar. Dan kita jangan paksa atau expect dia boleh instantly.

So, everytime dia terkucil, I just keep reminding her,

"Lepasni nak kencing, you tell me ok?" sambil I lap and cuci tempat basah tu.

So masa ni memang penat sikit la. Sebab ada banyak seluar yang kita kena bilas and banyak tempat kena cuci haha!

Adellia pandai cakap nak berak if she wants to poo. So I tak kisah sangat about poo. She immediately say,

"Nak yak" if she had stomachache (nak berak)

So, every time potty train ni, bab poo memang on time je ke toilet. Cuma I lebih concern with peeing. So this potty train is actually to train her to pee in the toilet.


Day 3 ni dah nampak pattern Adellia improving. Siang ada terkucil lagi tapi less compared to day before. Yang paling terkejut, tidur malam dia tak kencing dalam pampers walaupun I pakaikan pampers untuk tidur malam.

I was shocked dia kejut I bangun pagi and said,

"Mama. Nak cing"

And I mamai sambil bangun cakap,

"Nak kencing? Kencing jee. Awak pakai pampers la Adellia"

Tapi walaupun I cakap macam tu, dia tak kencing dalam tu. So I bawak dia ke toilet untuk kencing.

Shocked jugak la masa ni.


Day-7 ni Adellia dah improve a lot dah. Disebabkan tidur malam dia langsung tak kencing dalam pampers dah, so I decide nap siang dia off diapers terus. I was trying and saja nak tengok macam mana.

But, dekat otak I dah decide, if she terkucil, then it's okay. Esok kita cuba lagi waktu nap.

So what happened is, nap siang tak kencing atas tilam. And tiada adegan terkucil atau kena bilas seluar dah.


Adellia totally off diapers on Day-9. I dah start tak pakaikan diapers langsung and she was improving a lot. Pandai cakap nak kencing dan nak berak dah. On time saja ke toilet.

Honestly, I ingatkan dia akan tak biasa bila tak pakai pampers. Ye lah kan, selama ni ada benda yang dia pakai and suddenly kosong macam tu, so I thought dia akan mintak untuk pakai.

But, luckily, she didn't. She just being ok and follow je lah apa mak dia buat.

I did not put much expectation. Sebab I decide to potty train her because she is able to express "nak yak" everytime she wants to poo (masa pakai pampers). So I thought to myself, "Apa kata kita cuba??"

And then, terjadilah random potty train ni.

Bila nampak she can get along with this, I terus decide untuk jadikan goal I dapat potty train dia before she turned 2-years old.

Alhamdulillah, she gets along really well.

What I can say, kencing atas katil itu biasa untuk kids. What you can do as their parents, always empty their bladder first before sleep. Masa awal tu ada jugak dia terkucil atas tilam, but I can say, sangatlah jarang. I rasa masa dalam sebulan pertama tu, ada la dalam 2 kali je dia terkucil. Bulan seterusnya, none.

Kalau Adellia rasa nak kencing lagi waktu tidur malam, she will awake me and say nak kencing. So kadang tu ada la dalam 3am I bangun untuk bawak dia ke toilet.

And the rest of it, usually waktu dia bangun tidur je dia akan empty her bladder. Which is 7am-8am.

Always reminding them the same words.

Teach them the words.

"Let me know if you want to pee"

"Macam mana cakap nak kencing? Macam ni... I want to pee. Nak kencing"

Ini ayat yang berpuluh kali I ucap waktu I potty train dia. Sampai berbuih mulut ni ahah.

Please expect your child will not understand it the first moment you remind them. You have to KEEP reminding them.

We are talking to a children, not adults.

And it's really important that you are not comparing your child to someone else's child. Expect every child's phase is different.

Yang paling penting I rasa, jangan put too much hope la kot. Just follow the flow and what your child is able to.

You know your child best. So you lebih tahu macam mana cara anak you handle their thing.

I hope that what I share here will be as helpful to you all as it has been to me. Thanks a lot for spending your time to read! :)

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