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Journey to Australia - with a baby

It was long time ago since I updated my blog. I have been so busy with Adellia's stuff recently that she needs my attention day and night.

Oh by the way, I am now in Malaysia. So I want to share here how's my life with my small family while we were in Australia.

Journey to Australia with 17-months baby sure not so easy, I guess? Haha. Please bear with me! I think this post is gonna be long and compact!

28 October 2022 - Flight to Australia

We got a transit flights to Australia. First flight - Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (7:00pm) and our second flight - Singapore to Gold Coast (10:20pm).

To make it interesting, our flight to Singapore was delayed by one hour. So we have less than an hour in Singapore before boarding to the Gold Coast. It was a disaster I tell ya!

It was the first time we had checked in a stroller. Once sampai ke check-in counter, staff cakap kena lipat stroller and bagi ke staff airport nanti untuk diorang letak bawah airplane. So okay lah. Sampai je Singapore, I tanya ke steward tu,

"Hi, may I know where can I claim my stroller?"

The steward said I can claim it at the baggage counter. Lepas turun je ke airport I pun tanya la pulak airport staffs, and they all gave useless information. Mind you, I was asking 3 different persons and each of them was giving me different solution. We had around 40 minutes before the next flight. Can you guys imagine how stress we were?

Cut the story short, Aiman had a good idea because we had to catch a flight, or else we'd be missed it!

Aiman suggested that me and Adellia go straight to the gate, while he goes to the baggage counter to claim the stroller. This process required him to pass the immigration counter in Singapore, and then check-in again for the next flight. WITHIN 40 MINUTES.

It was a stressful situation...

I had to run fast with Adellia in my arms. Penat sangat waktu ni because the gate is so far. Whoever been in Singapore airport will know how big this airport!

We made it to the gate and luckily we were able to board the plane. Disebabkan flight to Gold Coast malam, so Adellia was sleeping through the night. She was tired already because she was active before boarding. I was really relieved la sebab flight malam, so it was a bonus point for us.

Once we reached Gold Coast airport, the procedure is too leceh la for me. Why? Because there's no fast lane for those who had families. If you are in a departure section, there is a fast lane for families (I really like this!), but sadly there wasn't for those who arrived there.

Masa ni both of us dah penat, because we weren't get enough sleep on the plane. Kepala I dah tingtong jugak time ni cause I was really tired. Lepastu sampai pulak kena queue panjang gila. There were few kids/babies there, and all of them were crying. Yup, during the queuing time...

Ingatkan dah lepas imegresen dah lega, ohh nooo we had to go to the next lane untuk go through procedure of scanning luggages. Memang disaster betul masa ni sebab badan dah sakit-sakit and we had to queue for almost 2 hours before we reached the officers. And I saw most of us yang queue semua muka like Asians. Huhu, get what I meant?

Yang mana yang nampak suspicious have to queue to the next lane to scan luggages, yang tak kena tu can just go straight to exit section.

I was really disappointed la this time, because the officers saw we had a baby with us, but still they asked us to proceed with the next lane. Masa ni kesian sangat dekat Adellia. She was tired and started crying already. I had no idea to soothe her because I already know she was tired. So, what I did is, I asked Aiman to carry her. And she slept later. After that baru I letak dekat stroller to let her sleep comfortably. 2 jam tu for me memang lama la. We had to wait for them to scan our luggages. They'll see everything inside luggages and throw away anything they think are prohibited.

But we were lucky enough! Turn kitorang belakang-belakang so I think the officer is already malas dah, so they just scanned the luggages without us opening it. Nasib baik. Lega dah! If not, memang penat nak kena buka semua luggages satu-satu and then close back.

By the way, Australia is quite strict. If you are travelling there, make sure do research about the country of what and what not to bring there.

If possible, make a list. Masa ni I tak buat list, but the next time I datang baru I buat list and then because of the list, I passed without having to scan luggages. I terus ke Exit je bawak troli semua. Phew. Next time memang kena prepare macam ni. Senang!

List yang I cakap ni you all boleh terus guna Words je and list la satu-satu apa yang you all bawa. Just a simple document. Once you have arrived and go through custom, just show them the list. Simple.

Next part I will share with you guys my convocation ceremony! Stay tuned...

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